Hello there!

We are two friends, passionate about innovative, high-quality beauty products from Korea.

We love skincare and sharing products we believe in. Our focus is on effective ingredients, scientific research, application and the best way to get results for healthy skin.

Come explore this wonderfully innovative world of beauty with us!

Christine & Sun

p.s. If you see a brand/product not available in Europe that you would like, don't be shy! Drop us an email (contact@keautylab.com) and we'll see what we can do. We love trying to make dreams come true!

Christine: Christine's expertise in cosmetic chemistry and the personal care industry helps us curate the most cutting edge products. Loves all the cuddly animals and spending time on the yoga mat.

Sun: Sun is passionate about entrepreneurship, innovative beauty and healthy skin. If she's not at her desk, you can find her practicing handstands and attempting capoeira.